Monday, February 27, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

Everneath by Brodie Ashton
     Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals Feed on the emotions of despairing humans. Now she's returned- to her old life, her family, her friends- before being banished back to the underworld... this time forever. 
She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can't find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists. 
Nikki longs to spend these months reconnecting with her boyfriend, Jack, the one person she loves more than anything. But there's a problem: Cole, the smoldering immortal who first enticed her to the Everneath, has followed Nikki to the mortal world. And he'll do whatever it takes to bring her back- this time as his queen. 
As Nikki's time grows short and her relationships begin slipping from her grasp, she's forced to make the hardest decision of her life: find a way to cheat fate and remain on the Surface with Jack or return to the Everneath and become Cole's...

 Knightley Academy by Violet Haberdasher

      Henry Grim is a servant boy at the Midsummer School—until he passes the elite Knightley Academy exam and suddenly finds himself one of the first commoners at the Academy, studying alongside the cleverest and bravest—and most arrogant—young aristocrats in the country. They thwart Henry’s efforts to become a full-fledged Knight of the Realm, but he and two commoner classmates are determined to succeed. In the process, the boys uncover a conspiracy that violates the Hundred Years’ Peace treaty—and could lead to war! Can Henry manage to save his school and country from their enemies—and continue to study at the Academy?

 The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong

    After years of frequent moves following her mother’s death, Chloe Saunders’s life is finally settling down. She is attending art school, pursuing her dreams of becoming a director, making friends, meeting boys. Her biggest concern is that she’s not developing as fast as her friends are. But when puberty does hit, it brings more than hormone surges. Chloe starts seeing ghosts–everywhere, demanding her attention. After she suffers a breakdown, her devoted aunt Lauren gets her into a highly recommended group home. 
At first, Lyle House seems a pretty okay place, except for Chloe’s small problem of fearing she might be facing a lifetime of mental illness. But as she gradually gets to know the other kids at the home–charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a “thing” for fire–Chloe begins to realize that there is something that binds them all together, and it isn’t your usual “problem kid” behaviour. And together they discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home either…

 Dark Descendant by Jenna Black

    Nikki Glass can track down any man. But when her latest client turns out to be a true descendant of Hades, Nikki now discovers she can’t die. . . .  
Crazy as it sounds, Nikki’s manhunting skills are literally god-given. She’s a living, breathing descendant of Artemis who has stepped right into a trap set by the children of the gods. Nikki’s new “friends” include a descendant of Eros, who uses sex as a weapon; a descendant of Loki, whose tricks are no laughing matter; and a half-mad descendant of Kali who thinks she’s a spy.  But most powerful of all are the Olympians, a rival clan of immortals seeking to destroy all Descendants who refuse to bow down to them. In the eternal battle of good god/bad god, Nikki would make a divine weapon. But if they think she’ll surrender without a fight, the gods must be crazy. . .  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Review # 13 [Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan]

Hello all! I've brought a special book review 5 in 1 ! It's the popular middle grade novels Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan! Right away I can tell you that this is series is one of my favorites. 

In this series we follow a young boy by the name of Perseus "Percy" Jackson. Percy is described and/or seen as a troubled child. He's been kicked out of school too many too count, has ADHD and not to mention dyslexia. You can imagine how hard Percy's life is already, but it gets even more difficult when he discovers his true nature that he's actually a "demi-god" or half human/half god. He also uncovers that his so-called absent father is actually Poseidon; God of the Sea! He gets sent to a camp that trains and protects kids like him - Camp Half-Blood.

Along with his best friends Annabeth [daughter of Athena' goddess of wisdom] and Grover; a satyr. Percy goes on wild adventures to save not only his world, but the mighty Olympians. Along the way, we see Percy grow into a weak skinny little 12 years old boy and into a 16 years old courageous, brave hero who can command an entire army to defeat their enemy. 

We get a look into the gods themselves and their relationship with Percy. For example --- Ares [god of war] he and Percy have a very wary and violent relationship each always read to take down the other.
And, then there's Mr. D or Dionysus [ god of wine] who happens to be Percy's camp director at Camp Half Blood. Although throughout the series, it may seem like he doesn't care about Percy readers can tell it's all an act.

Now for out villans. We meet up with Medusa, Cyclops, Furies, HellHounds, etc. But, the main goal is for Percy and company to defeat the mighty titan Kronos; father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. (and in a way....Percy's grandpa. ha. how messed up is that?) Kronos uses a fellow camper and friend of Annabeth, Luke [son of Hermes] to get what he wants. We have several attempts of saving and/or stopping Luke throughout the books.

Overall, this a very enjoyable series. And, I highly recommend it. I know, it's targeted demographic is middle graders, but this can be enjoyed by ALL AGES.

Rating: 5/5


“You deal with mythological stuff for a few years, you learn that paradises are usually places where you get killed.” 

“Dreams like a podcast, 
Downloading truth in my ears. 
They tell me cool stuff." 
"Apollo?" I guess, because I figured nobody else could make a haiku that bad. 
He put his finger to his lips. "I'm incognito. Call me Fred." 
"A god named Fred?” 


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