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Book Review #27 [Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley]

Lauren Grahame has spent her whole life thinking something special was going to happen. She didn’t know what it was, she just knew it would one day be hers. But she learned the hard way that special wasn’t on offer.

So, after divorcing her cheating husband, Lauren searched for nothing special and she thought she found it when she landed a job as a waitress in a biker bar in Carnal. It was perfect: a nothing job in a nowhere bar in Nowheresville.

Then Tatum Jackson walked in. Part-owner of the bar, he took one look at high-class Lauren and wanted nothing to do with her. And he made this known, loudly.

Tate’s angry insults seared in her brain, Lauren decides the feeling is mutual and she doesn’t want anything to do with the gloriously handsome Tate Jackson. The clash of the bartender and barmaid begins but, even though Tate makes his change of mind clear (in biker-speak, a language Lauren is not fluent in), Lauren is intent on going her own way.

Until a serial killer hits Carnal and Lauren finds out Tate isn’t a bartender, he’s a bounty hunter. He stakes his claim for Lauren before he goes on the hunt for a killer but Laurie doesn’t speak biker nor does she understand bounty hunters and Tate comes back from the hunt to find his old lady has moved on.

Life throws curveball after curveball at Laurie and Tate. As secrets are revealed, women are brutally murdered, and Lauren tries to find her inner biker babe.


*Disclaimer: I just want to point some things out about Kristen Ashley's male leads and books. These guys are unapologetic bad-asses. Not one- NOT ONE- is perfect, or even exhibits "perfection-like" attributes. A quote from one of Kristen's interviews: 

"....They are who they are, they do what they do, there’s a reason why they do it and they understand it isn’t socially acceptable and they don’t give a crap. This is not to say I agree with their takes on the world."

Now about the books, Kristen is a self-published author, she's not apart of a company or whatever. So, the editing or the writing is not perfect. If that's a peeve for you, then she may not be for you. But, if you can get past that, enjoy her AMAZING books then YAY! And, also there is good amount of foul language in the Colorado Man books and the Dream Man series. So, if THAT is a peeve for you, you might not want to read those books. (lol)

Say what? I'm doing another Kristen Ashley book? Damn right I am. I'm on a K.A trip (!) right now. She's officially on my favorite authors list. I mean, honestly guys she's THE COOLEST.

Anyway, this is the first review of another K.A series - Colorado Man. In this book, we follow Lauren Grahame and Tatum Jackson. You can pretty much get the jist of the story from the summary above so I'll get straight to the core.

Lauren, our female lead, is a woman looking for a place for where she belongs. She's trying to figure out what it is she wants and where she wants to go. After leaving her no good husband, Lauren finds herself in Carnal, Colorado eventually getting a job as a waitress in the local biker bar. Lauren in the beginning is lost which is understood considering the situation she just came out of. By the end of the book, Lauren finds her inner "biker babe" and becomes a strong woman who know what she wants....

And, she finds that with the help of our alpha male/local bounty hunter - Tatum Jackson. Ugh TATUM JACKSON. I...*BREATHES* I will tell you right here in the beginning of this book and part of the middle Tate is AN ASS. He is, he really is. Tate has a foul mouth, a short fuse, protective, aggressive, straight-talker, hardworking, loyal, and devoted. Negative to the positive. When your reading this at first you don't like Tate, esp when it comes to the VERY FIRST thing that came out of his mouth about Lauren was a totally jackass-like comment. But, give it time because I can guarantee if you continue reading you will LOVE Tate by the end. Most of you will probably will WANT a Tatum Jackson of your own.

Besides the romance which by the way is hottttt. *whew* We also have a very serious problem down in Carnal. Someone is kidnapping and murdering young women. And, it's up to Tate and the DPD to figure out who. What we don't realize along with everyone else, is that this case hits closer to home than anyone realizes.

The side characters of Sweet Dreams are well....full of character. Not so much humorous as Tex or Shirleen from the Rock Chick series. But, still enjoyable. My favorite is Jonas. Tate's 10 yrs. old son. HE IS SO ADORABLE. Literally, a mini-Tate. And, I love when he first met Lauren and automatically called her MILF. (lmao)

(side note: We see two familiar faces show up in this book, Hank Nightingale and Eddie Chavez from the Rock Chick series!! *squealsss*)

Sweet Dreams is my favorite out of the Colorado Man series, always worth a re-read.

Rating: 5/5

Quote:  (Jonas and Lauren)

"I'm not goin' on dates. I'm playin' the field." 
Dad burst out laughing but I glared and snapped. "Jonas!"

Jonas looked at Dad. "I gotta keep my options open, make sure I get a good one." I looked at the celing. "Lord, deliver me," I implored and looked back at Jonas when he poked me in the ribs.

"Laurie, I'm ten." He used my words against me then grinned cheekily again. "Like I said, gotta keep my options open."

LOL Oh Jonas....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: House Rules by Chloe Neill

House Rules by Chloe Neill
Published Released: February 5, 2013

In a city full of vampires, trouble never sleeps.

At the tender age of 27, Merit became a sword-wielding vampire. Since then, she’s become the protector of her House, watched Chicago nearly burn to the ground, and seen her Master fall and rise. Now she’ll see her mettle—and her metal —tested like never before.

It started with two . . . Two rogues vanishing without a trace. Someone is targeting Chicago’s vampires, and anyone could be next. With their house in peril, Merit and her Master, the centuries old Ethan Sullivan, must race to stop the disappearances. But as they untangle a web of secret alliances and ancient evils, they realize their foe is more familiar, and more powerful, than they could have ever imagined.


I read all Chicagoland Vampire books so far - except! Biting Cold which is the book before this one. So, I needzzz to get cracking before this comes out. I'm dying to know what happens after the ending of  Drink Deep.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cover Reveal - Code (Virals #3) by Kathy Reichs

 Code (Virals #3) by Kathy Reichs

AHHHHHH! Yay! I have been waiting on the news for this series. I already reviewed the first two - Virals and Seizure! I can't wait for this to come out. Although, I'm not quite of this cover, it's very different from the two previous books. I wonder if this is the permanent? Hmm....

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Book Review #26 [Rock Chick Renegade by Kristen Ashley]

Jules has got a score to settle against the drug dealers of Denver. Vance has made it his mission that Jules won’t get dead while dishing out vigilante justice. Jules doesn’t have time for romance, she’s too busy saving the world and she enlists Zip (the gunstore owner), Heavy (an ex-PI) and Frank (a mysterious recluse) to help.

The Rock Chicks of Fortnum’s Bookstore get involved to provide romantic advice and guidance, none of which Jules accepts at first. The Hot Bunch of Nightingale Investigations adopt Jules as one of their own. Even though Jules tries to hang on to her inner Head Crackin’ Mamma Jamma, the Rock Chicks; Hot Bunch; Jules’s long-suffering Uncle Nick; Jules’s friend the rotund, African-American, Jackie-O wannabe, May; and especially Vance will stop at nothing to wear her down.

But Jules makes some bad guys pretty angry and one is dedicated to taking her out. Vance and the Hot Bunch have to pull out all the stops to keep her alive. At the same time, Jules and Vance learn the true meaning of home but once they find this precious entity they’ve been searching for all their lives, will Jules’s enemies tear it away?


And, were back with another Rock Chick adventure in Rock Chick Renegade. In this story, we follow Jules Lawson aka "The Law" and her quest to clean up the streets of Denver. As a social worker, Jules is very much attached to the kids she takes care of. So, when one of them ends up dead because of taking drugs; she starts a personal vendetta against the dealers. Now, I say this with love but Jules is - well to me - the only Rock Chick that is capable of defending herself. For obvious, reasons of course. She knows how to handle a gun and she can kick some serious ass. I, direct your attention to the club scene when she was with the other girls and one of Vance's old hook-ups show up. HOT DAMN JULES WAS ON FIREEE~~. She laid down the Law. hehe

Now, one night during her patrol she comes across resident Hot Bunch Guy- Vance Crowe. *SWOONS*  Do you hear the angels singing? Because I do every time this hot piece of  I DON'T EVEN KNOW walks on to the scene. All Native American with his long black hair, brown eyes, not to mention his mischievous shit-eating grin.....whoooo someone hold me. Vance is third in command at Nightingale Investigations right after Luke Stark (who you will meet later on :D). He's the best tracker there is, but has a criminal record as well. Arrested for grand theft auto, he changes when he meets Lee. Like every other alpha male in existence and similar to his fellow Hot Bunch brothers, Vance is very protective of the people he cares for and Jules is no exception. So, when she gets in trouble he's on the case!

Despite the sighs, rolling of the eyes, and the "REALLY?!" moments I had while reading this, I enjoyed this. Laughter was expected because I knew the same old antics and secondary characters would make an apperance again. There was some rocky road between the two when another Hot Bunch boy comes for some time, but it all worked out in the end.

But, there was a scene where I was shocked. Something happens to Jules towards the end, and it gives me feelings. Like, I don't know whether I should beat the crap out of her or hug her and never let go. I mean damn.

Is this the end? Uh NOPE. There are more Rock Chick adventures coming your way!

Rating: 4.2/5

Quote: (when Jules first meets one of Vance's old hook-up. LOL. warning: kind of long BUT READING IT TRUST ME YOU'LL LOVE IT. :D)

"Have you slept with Vance?' I asked, even though I knew.

She learned forward with a catty smile. "It was the best night of my goddamned life."

"It's good you'll have that memory." I stated calmly as if I was truly happy for her.

"You bitch!" she screamed. Then she came at me, hand out probably to grab my hair.

I was getting that opening a lot these days. I planned my feet, caught her wrist and flipped her on her back on the floor without barely moving.

Vance did move. He has his wallet out and threw some money on the table. Everyone was staring now most of them had turned to us enjoying the show.

I took a step toward her so I was looking down at her. "Stay away from Vance." I warned.

She was struggling to get up. "Fuck you!"

"That's Vance's job," I retorted.

Vance had me around the waist and was pulling me toward the door as Jackie made it to her feet. "I won't forget this!" she yelled.

"I hope not!" I yelled back at her, fighting against Vance's arm. "That way, next time you'll keep your fucking mouth shut or you won't find it so easy to get up!"

The moment I fell for Jules. LMAO


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