Monday, October 10, 2011

Non-Book Post

Hey Guys :) This is something new, a "non-book post" where I just discuss something interesting that happened to me.

So, today I went down to Times Square to the MTV studios for a mini-concert. It was of foreign artists from South Korea, more mostly know as KPOP. It's rare for them to come here, and since I'm really into them I HAD to go see them. Overall, I won't make this a long post. So here's the rundown:

- Got on line waited for hours. Feet and Back hurt
- MTV needs to be more organized..

-Was unable to get in studio EVEN THOUGH my name was on the list...(eyeing you MTV..>.>)
-Watched the show from outside on the big screen

-the groups that came were great and VERY adorable. esp. the boys

Highlight of the whole day? I MET HUGH JACKMAN AND HE GAVE A HIGH FIVE. yup, that was good.

p.s  if your intrested in why I like KPOP check this video out: GD&TOP - Knock Out
there are MANY MANY groups, these two are unit duo from one of my favs.
don't knock until you try it! Tell me if you like or not!

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