Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year Approaches --- What's your top 5 favorite books of 2011? What are you expecting in 2012?

Well, guys we only have one day left in 2011. Can you believe? So much stuff has happened in my life, probably in yours. Around the world! I read sooo many good books this year. To be honest, I can't even give a exact number as to how many I've read, and that's including books assigned to me from school. But! I do have books that I love, books that I've read more than once over the year. There my top 5 favorite picks of '11.

1. Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels series. [ I have mentioned before I believe that these books are - gold! I love every character, love the dialogue. If I could marry, you'd receive an invitation.]

2. Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson series. [ Now, I know these books aren't exactly new; but I didn't attempt to read them until this year. And, I enjoyed it! By far, Percy is my favorite character. I can't wait for more adventures. Check it out if you haven't already.]

3. Stephanie Perkins - Anna and the French Kiss/ Lola and the Boy Next Door. [ For a good half of 2011, everyone raved about Perkins' Anna & the F.K, so of course I had to check it out. And, I admit though I do have minor issues with the books, mainly my own problem I very much enjoyed this book. Looking forward to her third one coming out next year.]

4. Rachel Hawkins - Hex Hall/Demonglass. [ I'm dying here waiting for the third book - Spellbound. Sophie is my favorite character and who can resist Archer? It's nothing new this plot, but Hawkins makes it work with Sophie and Archer's sarcastic dialogue and pop culture references. It's like she's speaking to my soul. O-O]

5. Suzanne Collins - Hunger Games trilogy. [ EVERYONE whose EVERYONE has to know about these book. I love how the books was all about this effed up society where people find enjoyment watching kids - excuse my language- beat the shit out of each other. I was like, whatttttt? There's hints of romance but it's not the main focus. How often do you find that in a YA Dystopian book? Anyone?

For 2012, there are continuations of books that I'm waiting for. I don't want to go into them here because honestly, it's a bit too much. haha.
Anyway, what's your top 5 books of the year? And, what books are you waiting for in 2012?

I know I haven't been consisten in doing book reviews, but life decided to butt in a few times. I'll try to be more active in the book community in 2012. But, thank you to everyone who decided to follow me here, and all those who take the time to read my reviews. I'll see you guys in the next year...

WHOOOOOO~ *spreads new year joy and passes out milk/cookies* :)

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