Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review #18 [Out Of Sight Out Of Time by Ally Carter]

The last thing Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from the Circle of Cavan--an ancient terrorist organization that has been hunting her for over a year. But when Cammie wakes up in an alpine convent and discovers months have passed, she must face the fact that her memory is now a black hole. The only traces left of Cammie’s summer vacation are the bruises on her body and the dirt under her nails, and all she wants is to go home.

Once she returns to school, however, Cammie realizes that even the Gallagher Academy now holds more questions than answers. Cammie, her friends, and mysterious spy-guy Zach must face their most difficult challenge yet as they travel to the other side of the world, hoping to piece together the clues that Cammie left behind. It’s a race against time. The Circle is hot on their trail and willing stop at nothing to prevent Cammie from remembering what she did last summer.


I bring you the recent adventures of Cammie Morgan in Ally Carter's -- Out Of Sight Out Of Time.

Similar from my Goodreads review -- You know, I was a bit worried about how Carter was going to pull off this one, seeing how Cammie upped and left in the last book but she did it and IT WAS FANTASTIC.
Cammie grew up immensely in this book. I mean to think about how she was in the first book to now?!

Cammie went through a lot in this book, fighting to regain her lost memories. These books are just in first person so we always know what's going on with Cammie and her thoughts. But, this time Cammie was in the dark and so were we. You had no idea what she'd remember or what she do. Cammie most of the time in this book worked on auto-pilot; so it wasn't until someone had to scream her name that she realized she was holding a gun...

There was a moment in the book dealing with Bex that had me VERY WORRIED. I had to stop reading for a moment and I said to myself  "Let's not go there, Ms. Carter. PLEASE?" Thankfully she didn't. Loved Zach, weird how he was the sane person in this book, because usually he's "mister brooding in the corner let me be mysterious over here" guy. (lol) We got to see a different more vulnerable side to Zach and Carter did it so well that it wasn't too mushy or didn't deviate from the type person Zach is. 

A little short on Cammie and Zach's relationship. PERFECT. You know how in some YA books the guy and the girl are in danger and they decide to make-out or something in the middle of that? UGH! Doesn't that make you mad? It does for me. Zach and Cam? These two knew that there's a time and a place. And, that's what makes me love them so much. While everyone else, even her friends, questioned Cammie's sanity. Zach never did. He went along with her.

Towards the end we found out a lot of answers, and it tied up a lot of loose ends. There's only one book left in the series. ;~~~; I'm not ready for this to end. I'm not. But, it will be the final battle between Gallagher/Blackthorne v.s The Circle.

Rating: 5/5

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