Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Review #19 [Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula (Cassidy Jones Adventures, #1) by Elise Stokes]

Fourteen-year-old Cassidy Jones wakes up the morning after a minor accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist to discover that her body has undergone some bizarre physical changes. Her senses, strength, and speed have been radically enhanced.

After exploring her newfound abilities, Cassidy learns that the geneticist, Professor Serena Phillips, is missing and that foul play is suspected. Terrified that her physical changes and Professor Phillips' disappearance are somehow connected, Cassidy decides to keep her strange transformation a secret. That is, until she meets the professor's brilliant and mysterious fifteen-year-old son, Emery. An unlikely duo, they set out to find Emery's mother, who is key in explaining Cassidy's newly acquired superpowers.

Their lives are put at risk when they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous, action-packed adventure. Soon they are forced to confront a maniacal villain willing to do anything - including murder — to reach his own ambitious goals.


 Besides Percy Jackson and another book series that I can't remember right now, Cassidy Jones Adventures is another middle-grade series that I really enjoy. It's a nice fluffy read when you want a break from the YA books drowning in a vampire/werewolf/witch, etc pool.

We join Cassidy Jones and Emery Phillips on a mission to save Emery's mother and to discover the secrets of Cass's newfound powers. Cass and Emery go through a lot together from breaking and entering to engaging in crazy fights with ninjas! I love the dynamic to Cass and Emery as their friendship starts to grow. Cass, even without her ablities, is sort of a person who runs on her emotions without exactly thinking first; which is exactly where Emery steps in. He helps Cass ride through this change talking her step by step on how to control it in her everyday life. And, of course how to have some fun with it.

There is a slight romantic interest in the story but nothing too important, which is something else I appreciated. Stokes focused more on Cass and Emery's friendship and adventures, than Cass using her new abilities to take advantage of her social life in school. Even so, there are some adorable moments between Cassidy and Emery as they learn about each other.

Besides, are two main leads we also get introduced to Cassidy's family. Her mother, television star dad, family friend Ben, her twin brother Nate and the adorable Chazz (her baby brother). Besides Casmery (lol my couple name for Cassidy and Emery. Lame, I know.) Chazz is my favorite. He's sooo adorable. He's completely immersed in the comic book/superhero world. One day's he's the Hulk, the next he comes downstairs dressed in black as a ninja. I can not wait until he finds out his own big sister is one of them.

The next book is Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift. I will be reading that and I will be doing a review Look out for that!

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I don't usually read MG novels, but this one sounds really interesting! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much :) Awesome review Megan! <3

    Oh, and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) I really appreciate it<3



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